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Recruitment Best Practices for Hiring the Right Talent

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You can watch our webinar below.

Your approach to the hiring process determines the quality of candidates who apply and eventually get the job.

While your hiring approach matters for every position, it’s essential in high-volume, high-turnover industries where applicants will need specific qualifications and may be wary of companies misleading them in the hiring process.

Luckily, that’s where GoToro can help! We know the ins and outs of hiring in challenging industries like transportation and logistics, SMBs, and more. Learn more in this recording of a webinar we hosted on January 26, 2023, with our friends at McCollister’s Transportation and Mare Holdings.

This webinar includes the best practices for:

  • Communicating with candidates

  • Maintaining good response times

  • Connecting with your Account Manager

  • Setting expectations for applicants

  • Presenting your job clearly

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