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We use machine learning and data to empower an easy to use and innovative job advertising platform.

Our Platform

 01  / ATTRACT

Speak with and hire more candidates by leveraging advanced recruitment marketing solutions. Through cutting-edge recruitment advertising  tech, GoToro connects you with more high quality applicants.

 02  / ENABLE

Accelerate the hiring process by implementing new technologies into your recruitment workflow. From converting more applicants with simpler short forms to automating text message follow-ups with interested candidates, we help you hit your hiring goals.

 03  / RETAIN

Reduce employee turnover by providing unique benefits that increase focus and happiness. Our solutions assist with removing frustrations that encourage employees to look for work outside of your organization.

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Static campaigns fail. The hiring market changes daily and you need a recruitment advertising solution that can adapt and dynamically maximize your results. Otherwise, you will lose critical hires to your competitors.


Our managed campaign process is a data-driven technology that makes your recruitment efforts stand out from the market.

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With 78% of U.S. workers living paycheck to paycheck, it is time to take a modern approach to the traditional pay cycle. 

Companies that are looking to differentiate themselves from the competition and retain top talent need to cater to their candidate’s needs. Employers that implement our incredibly unique financial wellness solution stand out from the competition as an employer who truly cares. Recruit, retain, and engage your most valuable asset.

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With today’s recruiters running on yesterday’s processes, now is the time to upgrade the tech and reporting that should be enabling your business - not holding it back.


By implementing bespoke technical solutions, tailored workflows, and custom reporting we help recruitment teams create impactful systems of intelligence. Our team performs an in-depth analysis of your current technology and process and we design exactly what you need.


Meet GoToro


Over the past eight years, GoToro has established a foothold in high-volume and high-turnover job markets. Its tools and processes have enabled companies to adapt to candidate shortages. Founded initially to serve the transportation and logistics industry, GoToro has grown to serve SMBs, Enterprises, and Agencies across any vertical.


People spend more than a third of their waking hours working, and we believe that time should be spent at a place they are happy to be. Matching a person with the right job improves their quality of life and makes a company stronger. Life’s too short to work for a job that doesn’t work for you.


We connect candidates quickly, efficiently, and effectively in volume with hiring companies through technology with a human touch. Our Recruit360 platform makes it easy for a company to save time and money while increasing the quality and focus of a business. We match people looking for work with the opportunities and care they deserve because if they’re not happy, we aren’t either.

Our Customers

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