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We use machine learning and data to empower an easy to use and innovative job advertising platform.

Our Platform:

Our platform, L.E.O., which stands for Leading Edge Optimization, is our advanced technology engine. L.E.O. operates on live data to learn real-time candidate behavior patterns. It pairs these patterns with real-time campaign monitoring to surface actionable insights and optimize towards the best outcome for every single job ad.

What makes L.E.O. unique is that it utilizes an omnichannel advertising network that ensures your ads are constantly placed on the best possible combination of partner sites to fill your roles with quality and volume quickly. Our platform will give you all your time back and confidence that your budget is being spent in the right place. This allows you and your team to focus on core responsibilities like engaging with qualified candidates to make actual hires. 


Meet GoToro


Over the past decade, GoToro has established a foothold in high-volume and high-turnover job markets. Its tools and processes have enabled companies to adapt to candidate shortages. Founded initially to serve the transportation and logistics industry, GoToro has grown to serve SMBs, Enterprises, and Agencies across any vertical.


People spend more than a third of their waking hours working, and we believe that time should be spent at a place they are happy to be. Matching a person with the right job improves their quality of life and makes a company stronger. Life’s too short to work for a job that doesn’t work for you.


GoToro’s platform is easy to use and powered by the most innovative and advanced technology, offering job-level distribution and optimization to an omnichannel advertising network. 

Our platform makes it easy for a company to save time and money while increasing the quality and focus of a business. 

Our Customers

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